High Value Woman is committed to helping women everywhere, who are passionate about owning their magnificence and asking for what they choose in their lives. We’re about creating a movement to help embolden women to vision, create and shape their future and help generations of women to come; to be and do the same. This is a way of being I believe, will change the way we see ourselves, and come to know intimately; we are the true wealth we seek

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Working Together

“Sometimes on the journey of life, it’s okay to stop and ask for directions.”

One of the biggest sources of joy in our life can be the people around us. People, who often when we feel like we’ve used up our reserves in facing a situation where we’re was still none the wiser, we turn to.

This is my hope and dream for High Value Woman. That you, a High Value Woman in your own right, can find and have access to someone who will be there for you; if you needed to pause, reflect and maybe ask for some guidance in relation to something that may be happening in your professional life.

It could be anything. A challenging conversation with a colleague. A new opportunity you want desperately, but you simply can’t muster the confidence to ask for it. A pay rise that yours for the taking…if you just asked. A question about how to approach a professional conundrum. A tactical question about preparing for an interview or a review conversation or a promotion request. A strategy for taking you to the next level in your career, which will grow you exponentially and give you the money and fulfillment you choose.

Whatever it is, I know that from my 20-year plus international HR career, I know I can be of assistance to you. Or if your query is in relation to asking for what you want……then my significant reward and remuneration background at a global level will certainly have an answer for you, and this is why I am here.

So take a look around and see what resonates with you…….I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Free Exploration Session

Sometimes we all need someone to listen to us as we share where we’re at, where we think we want to go, and how we think we’re going to get there. This is the purpose of the ‘Exploration Session’, a 30-minute conversation where we do just that. Explore your options and decide how we might move forward, and what that might look like for you.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, please drop me a line and say hello!

High Value Woman Factor

How would you like to have deep, charismatic confidence, the ‘I love who I am & I don’t have to be anyone else’ kind of self-assurance & poise in all aspects of your life, especially professionally, which makes people gravitate & listen to you, and when you ask for what you want – you get it? And even if you didn't, you still feel like a million bucks?

If you're intrigued at all, click in the box below......

Tailored Coaching Options

A one size fits all’ very rarely works for anyone. Therefore, if after having an exploration session and/or finding out your High Value Woman Factor, you’re ready to take action and start making some of your pay rise, promotion or opportunity dreams come true, then drop me a line, let me know what you want to achieve and we can work out what coaching option will best suit you and your budget. This is where the magic happens!

What People Are Saying

I began working with Sabiha, after a significant amount of time in casual work, I wanted to be in a role with a company where I could add high value and be paid for it. I had landed a fantastic role with a large blue chip company and wanted to stay with them longer than a 6 months contract. From my initial conversation with Sabiha, it became clear the first thing I would need to do is actually meet with my manager and discuss the potential opportunity for a longer future with the company. As nervous as I was, I asked for the meeting!

The outcome of my conversation with my manager was a meeting with his manager, where I was asked if I would be interested in another role they thought I might be suitable for (given I had expressed my interest in not only staying on, but developing and progressing with the company.) Very soon after, I received confirmation of the new role and my manager’s manager congratulated me on my new appointment.

My head was spinning at this stage! This now meant not only was my contract was extended for an extra 12 months, I had received all I wanted within the space of 3-DAYS, simply because I got out of my own way, sought the help I needed and implemented all that I had and was learning!

I know now that whatever I aspire to in my career is very doable, and I also know I don’t need to do this on my own.  There are experts in their field like Sabiha to assist me on my journey of growth and for that I am deeply grateful. For all your expert advice, coaching, encouragement & support. Thank you!

Eva Lenghart

IT Trainer, writer, intuitive artist, NLP practitioner

“I was referred to Sabiha to assist with preparation for a job interview. My first in 8 years. I was feeling anxious about taking that step outside my comfort zone, stretching myself and having the dreaded conversation about salary. During our time together Sabiha was wonderful in helping me draw out why I was looking to leave my current role, why I wanted the new role and guidance in how to research and understand what the role was worth.

As well as coaching on how to handle the conversation about salary and ask for what I was worth. I took on board all Sabiha’s feedback, reflected on our conversation and did my homework. Much to my delight and testament to Sabiha I was able to confidently present myself in the interview, have the salary conversation and GOT THE JOB. Thank you Sabiha, I am tremendously grateful. Thank you so much again, I am loving the new job!

Nikki Taylor

Service Delivery Manager

While working with Sabiha I was introduced to her High Value Woman coaching process. Sabiha was very passionate about empowering women to be the best they can be, so I decided to participate in the course.  I did not know what to expect from the course, and was greatly surprised.

The High Value Woman coaching process and course taught me to better value my skills and experience and be aware how your beliefs and behaviour patterns can impact on you achieving your goals. During the process I reassessed my personal and professional goals both long and short term and was more aware of my value and what I had to offer professionally.  I also learned that I had many personal skills and abilities that I could also contribute to my professional career.

The overall result of participating in the program has given me more confidence to aim high and reach my full potential in both my personal and professional life.  This new awareness and process has given me more power to choose and control all aspect in my life.

Sab thank you for sharing the gift of your coaching process. You are a great mentor and very generous with your time and advice and it is greatly appreciated.

Jean Ellison

HRIS Specialist, Business Analyst

The High Value Woman coaching process is a saviour of sanity! More than anything…to realise I am NOT “insane” and in fact, more than sane. Completely and utterly integrated parts of me deep within my core. I now know where I am at and how I am thinking at any given time. I have the power of choice because I now have awareness. This process has been a priceless recurring gift in my life. One without an expiration date! Thank you Sab for introducing me to this and so much more….”

Sommer Louise


“Understanding the feelings and beliefs associated with going through the High Value Woman coaching process gave me a huge insight into how I was operating in different situations in my life, and as a result of this self-awareness, I feel more in control of my life and the outcomes and goals I want to achieve. I have also realised that the impact of the process was so powerful in myself, that without even thinking now I jump into action to do things that before I felt insecure about. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have all it takes to get where I want to be.”

Carolina Borda

IT Consultant

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