Earlier, I shared some thoughts with you regarding what I thought the words ‘empower’ and ‘empowered’ meant to me, based on the definitions from the dictionary.

Empower is such a powerful word (and ironically has the word ‘power’ in it) and for me is the key to all the work I hope to share with you. It means I believe you already hold everything you need for you to earn the salary you want and deserve – I am simply going to help you tap into this in the most effective way for you. Your journey is going to be about harnessing your emotional power and along with some exceptional practical tools I have learnt in my corporate career, we are going to stack the odds in your favour of getting the salary you want and deserve!

The other aspect to the notion of empowering yourself is that throughout this process, you will gain deep knowledge about yourself, what you truly want and how getting the salary you want and deserve is simply the first step. I am a big believer in the concept of there’s no such thing as too much information and that every bit of data you gather on your journey through life helps you make a better decision.

Have you ever been in a situation where you found out something after the fact and you wished you’d known it before because you would have made a different decision? I believe that sometimes not getting what you want can be a blessing in disguise and that we put off being and doing things because we’re afraid it won’t pan out. Well, what if by becoming prepared, both emotionally and practically, you take steps to ask for what you want and you don’t get it? What then?

One way of looking at it is that by simply going through that process, you have become better and now you have new information, which, if you choose can help you make a better decision. One question I get asked a lot is….’What if I do all this and I still don’t get the pay increase I wanted?’

There are a lot of reasons why you may not have got the increase you wanted and I talk about this in my workshops and products, however the bottom line is this. At this point, you now have a better understanding of where you stand with your employer – how about using this knowledge to empower you?

If your employer simply turns down your request, without an informative response, now you have an answer.

If your employer says they’ll think about it and each time you raise the subject, they brush it off, now you have an answer.

If your employer says no and has a valid reason for turning down your request, now you have an answer.

In each case, you have more information that you had prior to your asking the question, so now you can decide how you want to respond to this.

The responsibility is back in your hands – you get to decide what you then do with this new information.

You can choose to stay and moan

You can choose to stay and blame your employer

You can find another job

You can…….

You can……

Ultimately, you get to decide what you do.

This is what I mean by ‘Empowering you.’

Something to think about…………

See you for the next entry!

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