Six Steps To Six Figures

Helping women to release their fears, own their worth and ASK for what they choose in their careers

Six Steps to Six Figures is a strong blend of practical guidance with real depth. By gaining a deeper understanding into your sense of worth, the values that surround you the constructs of society you are in a position to navigate your path from the thoughts within you to actual practical outcomes to increase your worth and financial situation. Sabiha is a great storyteller who takes you through some uncomfortable places in order to for you break free of the paradigms that can hold us back. Our personal sense of worth is directly correlated to our perceived worth in the world and subsequently creating the life that we want – Sabiha shows us how to identify our fears, understand the concept of self-worth and how this then translates to asking for what we want. This is by no means a standard self-help book, but rather a robust guide to potentially change your world towards what you deserve. This is a must read for all women of all ages to ensure that they are living to their full potential. Thank you, Sabiha for writing such a meaningful and important book that is accessible to women at all stages of their life.

Natalie Goldman

BOLD Leadership & Change Activator | Global Ambassador at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day | Speaker

What would it feel like to be able to ask for what you want to receive financially for the work you do in your career? What if you asked in a way that used every aligned part of you—body, mind, heart, and spirit? What if your voice resonated with deep certainty and knowledge, and you just knew you were worth every cent you were asking for?

As the founder of High Value Woman, in my new book, I have explored how embracing your mind, heart, body, and spirit can help you achieve personal and financial success in this career guide, aimed at helping women ask for what they want, and most importantly, receive it!

No matter what your current situation, I can show you that you most likely already have the confidence and certainty to ask for what you want and can claim what is rightfully yours; you simply need to do it.

Learn how to:

  •  recognize your glass ceiling so you can break through it;
  •  find out who you believe you really, really are;
  •  tap into your feminine energy; and
  •  cultivate authentic, mutually rewarding relationships.

You’re not going to find statistics, research or studies on how women experience a pay gap in this book. Instead, I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to claim your worth, as you take six steps to six figures.

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Six Steps to Six Figures is not your typical career or business book filled with tactics and strategies to make more money. Don’t get me wrong, that is included as a road map to take you to what you desire AFTER you’ve done the most important “work.” What this book addresses, and it is THE reason more women are not asking for what they are worth, is the mindset and presence you operate in that holds you back from successfully asking for and getting what you want. Without that, all the strategies and tactics offered you will get you nowhere. This is what you’ve experienced up until now and I’m sure it has caused you a great amount of frustration. This book takes you through a process of gently and compassionately shedding old concepts of yourself to reveal the capable, confident, and powerfully feminine woman that you are. THAT woman, the real you, knows her value and isn’t afraid to speak up to receive more. If you are ready to approach making more money from a feminine perspective, a perspective that honours who you are at your core, follow the Six Steps to Six Figures process.

 Jodi Flynn

Women Taking the Lead

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