“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

Carl Jung

3 Guiding Principles for the journey ahead…….

These 3 guiding principles have come about through years of mine and my client’s journeys. As we take the paths we feel we must, to create the life we dream of, sometimes we find the path we thought would get us where we wanted to go has led us astray and we wonder if we’ll ever get back on track.

A couple of things I have come to know on this often magical and sometimes mundane life path is that if we’re not willing to look at the things we fear, they will maintain their hold over us, and often facing our fears can be the making of us. This is a thread we will continue to explore throughout our time together, as it fascinates me no end! For in being able to let go of the things that get in our way, we find there’s so much more of us than we ever imagined and dreamed…

Now we’re curious. We want to not only know our power and glory, we want to experience, revel and relish it and the next stage is about helping us to fully remembering who we are, why we’re here and how we can live it to the extent our magic pours out of us….I get very excited thinking about this stage!

And the last step – moving ourselves forward, taking action and learning to receive unconditionally. What’s that I hear you ask? Stay tuned and find out!

As you find yourself winding your way around this website, I hope you find much that is of use to you and feel free to drop me a note whenever you like. You can reach me at sabiha@highvaluewoman.org

Happy travels!

My Philosophy

The High Value Woman philosophy for me, is about committing to being a source of education and empowerment for women everywhere. Women who are passionate about owing their magnificence, asking for what they desire, and choosing to receive what they dream of in their careers. It’s about creating a movement to help embolden women to vision, create and shape their future and help generations of women to come; to be and do the same. This is a way of being I believe, will change the way we see ourselves, and come to know intimately; we are the true wealth we seek.

My Methods

This great work, which I consider my vocation, is very much about communication, collaboration and consultation. This is inherently my coaching style, and the reason I choose to work this way here and in my corporate career, is because for me, this style draws people in, as they choose to be drawn in.

My intention is to share with you what I have learnt and lived myself (I consider myself my own guinea pig) and ultimately what I know can work for you, if you’re willing to make the journey. Therefore, my methods involve me sharing as much as I can with you from the depths and breadths of me, allowing you to make a choice as to what I share is what you need and from there, inviting you to connect with me. Once we have connected, we’ll work out what will best serve us both. That’s it!

My Goals

Goals hmmm……this is surprisingly a tough one for me to articulate. I’ve lived much of my life chasing after my goals, thinking this was what I was meant to do. The only thing is, I found often when I’d achieved my goals, as much as I was deemed to be ‘successful’, I very often didn’t feel fulfilled.

So I’ve changed how I approach my goals now. My goals are very much based on a notion of, ‘if I had to live for eternity, how would I spend my time?’ My focus has become the journey, rather than the destination, as I’ve come to know; once you make the journey, you always reach a destination.

So, what is my journey and destination? To spend my time reading, writing, assimilating, reflecting, sharing, teaching and coaching (journey), in the deepest hope and desire I help as many women as I can feel powerful & priceless, so they can ask for what they want to receive in their careers (destination). Simple 😉

Working Together

Free Exploration Session

Sometimes we all need someone to listen to us as we share where we’re at, where we think we want to go, and how we think we’re going to get there. This is the purpose of the ‘Exploration Session’, a 30-minute conversation where we do just that. Explore your options and decide how we might move forward, and what that might look like for you.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, please drop me a line and say hello!

High Value Woman Factor

How would you like to have deep, charismatic confidence, the ‘I love who I am & I don’t have to be anyone else’ kind of self-assurance & poise in all aspects of your life, especially professionally, which makes people gravitate & listen to you, and when you ask for what you want – you get it? And even if you didn't, you still feel like a million bucks?

If you're intrigued at all, click in the box below......

Tailored Coaching Options

A one size fits all’ very rarely works for anyone. Therefore, if after having an exploration session and/or finding out your High Value Woman Factor, you’re ready to take action and start making some of your pay rise, promotion or opportunity dreams come true, then drop me a line, let me know what you want to achieve and we can work out what coaching option will best suit you and your budget. This is where the magic happens!

You CAN Ask For the Pay Rise, Promotion or Professional Opportunity Your Heart & Soul Desires & RECEIVE It...

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