The High Value Woman Factor

How would you like to have deep, charismatic confidence, the kind of self-assurance that makes people gravitate towards you, and when you ask for what you want, you generally get it?”

When you learn how to release what might be holding you back, own yourself and your brilliance, & start asking for what you want, then… will BE the woman you dream of being and start receiving all you want – pay rise, promotion, the next opportunity – whatever YOU choose!

The reason why my clients feel utterly transformed and end up getting all they want & MORE!

The ‘High Value Woman Factor’ is a powerful tool, one which my clients have all shared how they went from often feeling unsure, doubtful, even sometimes like an imposter in their lives and careers, always afraid of ‘being found out’ to being able to own who they are, how amazing they are in what they do and most importantly, being able to articulate the significant value they create to help them ask for what they want & deserve.

This astonishing process will let you know how others experience you, what may have been holding you back, why you’re living the outcomes you are which be a pale comparison of what you really choose, and how you can start immediately creating & ‘attracting’ the people, circumstances and results you desire AND have the work, career, financial & fulfilment outcomes you want.

May I ask you something? Do you ever find yourself wondering…..?

Why you don’t have the job, role or opportunity you want? Why it sometimes feels so hard to get ahead even in these times? Why you feel overwhelmed with all you’re already doing, and thinking how you couldn’t possibly do even more to get what you want? Why when you’re already working harder & smarter now; you’re still not earning the money you want to be when you know you can?

Why it sometimes looks like it’s so easy for other women to get ahead and the money, making you wonder, ‘what are they doing? Who do they know that they’re getting the pay rises/promotions etc.? What am I missing?’

Or simply the sinking feeling in the pit of your tummy, that if you just knew what to say, how to say it, when to say it, you’d have no problems scaling the professional ladder you’ve wanted all your life?

Let me share something with you. The reason it all seems so hard, undoable and sometimes utterly draining, especially for women, is you’re not showing the world who you really are. You’re playing a game you’ve been told to play because it will give you the success you want & deserve – but the truth is, it’s not really your game and the success you might get won’t actually fulfil you. Instead you’ll end up on the treadmill of this game, endlessly wondering, ‘Is this all there is?’

The key here is to stop playing this game and start playing our own. This is not about ‘opting out’ This is about opting in to where you get to be more of who you are, live her completely and without apology and most importantly, operate within your life from such a place of confidence, certainty and charisma, that all you choose comes to you, with grace and ease.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The BIG LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD (& now it’s time to let it go!)

From so many conversations with women, the one thing I hear over and over again (& having spent almost 20 years in HR and remuneration, so I heard it a lot!) is that women are concerned with how they will be seen and perceived if they ask for what they want. ‘They’ll think I’m pushy, aggressive, and greedy.’

And to be honest with you, they’re not wrong. Research globally has shown that when women do dare take a chance and ask for what they want, they can be and have been perceived negatively. By both men and women.

The BIG LIE however, is that it’s because we are women we are seen this way if we ask and so, realistically it’s better if we don’t.

The truth is we live in a masculine world, our models of success are masculine (I am not having a dig at men or masculinity – this is simply a true statement of how our world operates if we are honest with ourselves), and sometimes the way we ask means we don’t step into our power, own our worth and ask from a place of profound, feminine confidence, certainty and charisma – from a pure place of us. We ask from a place outside of us, (often using techniques which really don’t resonate with us, yet we’ve been told they’re very good) and the impact to the people on the other side of the table (one of which has been me on many, many occasions…….) is

Downright uncomfortable, to the extent you could say people might almost feel repelled.

Why? Being repelled is a pretty strong statement.

My experience has been, over hundreds and hundreds of interviews and salary review conversations, that men tend to demonstrate their value or think about proving their worth after they’ve got what they asked for, if they even ever need to. Women on the other hand, tend to use language that is infiltrated at every level with the need to prove their worth before, during and after, and for the person on the other side of the table, often they’re left feeling quite disconnected from who they thought they were meeting/working with. The need to constantly prove one’s worth frequently leaves a person or audience with a strong sense of neediness, and we all know how unattractive neediness can be.

Women have been told that to talk about ourselves, share our successes, be happy about how well we’re doing is in a sense bragging, and so rather than be able to articulate our magnificence with powerful, feminine confidence, talk with certainty about what we believe and know, allow our personalities to shine out – no, we get told to, in effect, pull our heads in.

And we do so pull our heads in. And this is why I use the words downright uncomfortable, because everyone is left feeling this way and it doesn’t have to be like this.

So, how do you experience what it is you might be doing, which might be getting in your way of being able to ASK for & RECEIVE all you want?

The ‘High Value Woman Factor’ process will let you know how you are undermining yourself through the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the words you speak and ultimately the behaviours you live. This is how people experience you and so the High Value Woman Factor’, is for you if you:

  • Want to uncover all that is inside of you, which is sabotaging you from your core?
  • Want to know once and for all how you can end the insidious doubting and questioning of your ‘enoughness’?
  • Receive the kind of feedback no one in your life will truly share with you
  • Gain the kind of clarity to know and understand how YOU have the power to change it all!

This is not a generic online assessment about personality or intellect – this is a radical new technology and philosophy which will create within you deep down emotional change, the likes of which has the power to transform you, inside out and your life.

Some comments from previous clients:

“Understanding the feelings and beliefs associated with going through the process gave me a huge insight into how I was operating in different situations in my life, and as a result of this self-awareness, I feel more in control of my life and the outcomes and goals I want to achieve. I have also realised that the impact of the process was so powerful in myself, that without even thinking now I jump into action to do things that before I felt insecure about. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have all it takes to get where I want to be.” Carolina, Sydney.

The HVW Factor is a saviour of sanity! More than anything…to realise I am NOT “insane” and in fact…more than sane….completely and utterly integrated parts of me deep within my core. I now know where I am at and how I am thinking at any given time. I have the power of choice because I now have awareness. This process has been a priceless recurring gift in my life. One without an expiration date! Thank you Sab for introducing me to this and so much more….” Wendy, Melbourne.

How does it work? What do I do? When can I get started?

Once you have completed the registration and payment, your High Value Woman Factor’ process will be sent to you via an email. Once you receive the email, you simply follow the instructions and complete the online assessment.

The High Value Woman Factor’ process includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment created by Bruce Schneider, Ph.D., and licensed through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. As I mentioned, this is a powerful new technology, one which is transforming lives all over the world.

I receive your assessment and after reviewing it, I send you a copy of the report, and you and I book in a time to debrief the assessment and the report. This is the moment when as I said before, everything has the power to change!

Having gone through this process myself a number of times and watching my clients go through it, I get goose bumps just thinking about how it utterly has the power to change your life!!

Think about it.

Imagine being able to love who you are, love being in the skin you’re in, own your gorgeous, feminine magnificence in such a way that your professional life becomes your playground; where you get to live, be and do work that you love, ask for the money, promotions and opportunities for you to exponentially expand your potential. And best of all, RECEIVE ALL OF IT!

Imagine being the leader and example you’ve always wanted to BE. Not only for the women in your professional life, but also the women in your personal life. Your daughters, nieces, sisters, aunts, best friends. The list is endless.

Imagine knowing by simply tapping in and tuning into the truth of who you are, you get to receive and experience all you choose and desire.

Imagine having the tools to always know how you can change and transform anything that’s not working for you, because now you know where it came from.

Imagine, being YOU and loving yourself unconditionally, and in doing so create the situations and circumstances to bring you what you want & choose.

This is all so very, very possible and I and my clients have experienced it. I think you’re probably getting now why this is such a powerful option for you.

So, it’s decision time, and time for you to decide how much you really want it.

I am offering High Value Woman Factor’ a 20-minute online assessment and a 60 to 75 minute debrief session, so all up over 90 minutes of my time (I charge $195 per hour for my one on one coaching) for a tiny price of $147!

I know you’re ready for this – you wouldn’t have read this far or even have clicked on the link if you weren’t, so please give yourself the gift and click on the button below and let’s get started!

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below 🙂

Thank you very much and I truly look forward to working with you.

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