,“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King Jnr.


For those of you not in the UK, this won’t mean as much to you, but it sets the backdrop of what I want to share with you this week, so please bear with me. On Thursday, the whole of the UK went to the polls and voted for who we wanted in government. Our country has been torn apart I feel for a long time, but in 2016, we had a defining moment – a referendum about staying or leaving Europe – and to my heartbreak, we voted to leave. Supposedly democracy reigned, but the fact the whole campaign was entrenched in lies, backed by people who are only interested in what’s in it for them created even more division, culminating in this awful general election, where to my horror, the country voted in our very own mini Trump who’s definitely only interested in what’s in it for him and his equally diabolical cabinet.

For the first time in my life, I stay up till almost 3am to watch as the dreadfulness unfolds before my eyes and by the time I go to bed, I’m exhausted on all fronts. I cry before I finally fall asleep, for what we as a country have come to, that people would make this choice, all the while knowing there’s so much more under the surface of this terrible outcome, and that it’s going to take a while to get to the bottom of this, if we ever do.

On waking the next morning, I find myself oddly enough, feeling quite liberated. I’ve not slept well, but given the previous night’s events, at least now we know definitively how people are feeling and though it breaks my heart and portends who knows what, I’m sensing this whole debacle has a personal tint to it, and I so I open myself and let it in, whatever it may be.

For over three and a half years, the UK’s been in limbo, with conflict, fighting and downright appalling behaviour (mainly by the supposed leaders of the country), which has meant limbo in a sense for the people in the country, including me. I know I’ve let Brexit take far too much of my energy and my reason for feeling sort of free on Friday morning is that now a sort of decision has actually been made, even though I’m desolate and I too, have choice to make.

How much more energy, especially emotionally & spiritually am I going to expend on things I don’t have a huge amount of control over, or on things I don’t choose or want?

Somehow on that Friday morning, I wake up and for the first time I think in my whole life, I feel actually awake. There’s a sensation running through my body; a tingling, a jolting almost, telling me the fiasco of Brexit is a great metaphor for how I’ve been living, and I’m at a true ‘fork in the road’ moment. Thinking I need to know what’s going on and be conversant about all of the issues in the country, I’ve been using Brexit (& no doubt other out-of-my-control events) as a means to unconsciously focus on what I don’t want, rather than what I do.

This is a huge topic in and of itself, but I’m not going to go into it here today. Maybe another day. What I do want to share is, in this simple realisation through a momentous, external event, of a very long held & resisted way of living (I’ve been trying to alter my energetic focus from troubleshooting & fixing, something I shared in my last blog to focusing on what I desire and choose) I now have to choose how, still in the face of something happening in the country I truly do not want (and in my life), how do I move forward and not get sucked back in?

I hear the Voice within. ‘Turn the other cheek.’

There is a section in ‘A Course in Miracles’ that says:

“You cannot be hurt, and do not want to show your brother anything except your wholeness. Show him that he cannot hurt you and hold nothing against him, or you hold it against yourself. This is the meaning of “turning the other cheek.”

I’m still a baby when it comes to this text and I know I’m barely scratching the surface of what this means for me, yet one thing comes through, based on what I am hearing inside.

If I continue to focus on what I don’t want, of trying to fix what I think is broken, even when I can’t, if I expend energy on things that I can’t alter, at some level I’m afraid of what is to come and I am trying to lessen the impact of it in my life, though I have very little control over it. However, if I were to know and live the truth of me, which as the Course says, ‘I cannot be hurt’ at the highest spiritual level, then I can take succour in this. Even at the teeniest level, which is where I’m at.

It also means when I choose to show nothing but my wholeness i.e. focusing on the truth of me as part of Love, God, All That Is, instead of believing or thinking I am less than and behaving in this way, I do turn my cheek and face the other way. The way to where all I’m choosing, desiring and wanting is and it’s getting my attention and, because I trust and have faith I am a part of All That Is, and so is it, I can move towards it without being afraid I can’t have it or am not worthy of it.

Turning the cheek is about acknowledging and accepting you are that which you are seeking and in choosing to only look in that direction, you move your attention, energy and focus on to it and be and do your utmost to keep it there, regardless of what’s happening elsewhere. This isn’t easy. We all know how Fear and what we don’t want love to get us in their grip….

I’ve developed a relatively simple way for me to keep turning the other cheek – I’m easily distracted, especially by s**t I don’t want, but I think I must fix! This is my simple process – find one that works for you and seriously, keep practising it! It’s the only way to make it automatic and a part of you.

Something for You – Turning the Other Cheek

  • When you find yourself not feeling good, as Abraham Hicks shares, it’s the Universe’s way of letting you know you’re focused on something you don’t want. Use this initial awareness to tune into you and how you’re feeling.

  • Rather than getting pulled into what you’re feeling & why (we’ll look at this another time), let yourself know you’ve tuned in, you know where you’re at/what you’re feeling and you’re now choosing not to feel this way.

  • Whichever way you are physically looking, look the other way; physically turn your cheek so you’re facing another direction and say how you want to feel and what you’re going to now focus on.

  • Say it out loud (or if you’re in public, inside yourself) and give thanks that you were able to gain this invaluable awareness and change your focus and how you’ll be able to do this again, ever quicker next time, until it becomes who you are and you don’t even need to think about it.

  • Start thinking about, focusing on and taking action on what you choose & desire.

  • Keep practising and please, please don’t beat yourself up if it takes a while

By turning the other cheek, connecting and tuning into how you choose to feel and focus on and then moving forward, asking for help, guidance, whatever you need, being open to it and letting it in, you begin to live and take aligned action from a space and place of fullness.

You also realise you’re now not attached to whatever it is you are choosing, because you’re learning to let go and trust that what is for you will not pass you by and that if it isn’t for you, then something else better is. You simply have to keep letting go, keep building and having faith and keep tuning in to act from fullness, never lack.

This space and place of fullness that comes from having trust and faith is something I will be sharing much more of as we go along, especially as it relates to having the confidence to ask for what we want. This is a new space for me; cultivating this, along with letting go of control and moving from a scarcity and lack mindset in every area of my life to true abundance is challenging. Yet miracles are abounding and whenever I lose heart, I turn to my practices for tuning in, one of which is the one above.

Tuning in and cultivating connection to the Universe is now my priority for all my life. As Gabrielle Bernstein shares in her brilliant course, ‘Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Level 1’, having a spiritual relationship is the most important thing and for me, in the past, it was a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must.’ Not anymore!

Now it’s a must and it’s opening doors at every level of my life, showing me how, even in the face of what I don’t choose or want, I have options, and possibilities that are creating a level of unconditional confidence in myself and the Universe….

This new way of being is changing everything for me and I believe it has the potential for this for all of us, if we choose to live it. Unconditional confidence in myself, for myself, for my life and all life has been the nirvana I have been searching and exploring for a long time and I can’t wait to keep going, keep learning and keep sharing, so others get the benefit of it too. This, I believe is a game changer!

 “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
EE Cummings


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Blessed Be,

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